Todd Morgan, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Todd Morgan, PhD, CSO, leads the development of Chemolieve®, ProLon® and other Fasting Mimicking Diets. He is the Principal Investigator on two separate Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) Phase I and Phase II Contracts awarded to L-Nutra from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging. Dr. Todd Morgan earned his PhD in Biochemistry in 1990 and holds an appointment as a Research Professor of Gerontology at the Davis School of Gerontology of the University of Southern California. His research has been recognized with awards from Alzheimer’s Association and the American Federation of Aging Research. He collaborated for many years with Dr. Caleb Finch, one of the world’s leading biogerontologists, focusing on studies relating to dietary interventions to delay aging and prevent age-related diseases.

Dr. Morgan collaborates extensively with Dr. Longo in studies focused on fasting, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. He actively publishes in the leading scientific peer-reviewed journals.