Joe Roff

Account Manager

Joe joined the company in September 2017.

Ironically, Joe at that time had his own medical sales business and was struggling with weight and metabolic markers, and was in search of lifestyle-changing solutions. It was at that time that an old colleague working at the company said, “You should really try this ProLon fasting mimicking diet. It will really help you and you might want to join the company, you would be great”. Joe jumped on board and 5 days later completing the simple 5-day program, emerged 20 lbs lighter and metabolic markers under control. At that time Joe felt compelled to grow with the company, and his passion shifted from medical supplies to Longevity Nutraceuticals.

He has successfully kept every pound off and his metabolic markers and overall wellness have been the best since his younger days. Joe is extremely passionate about sharing his story in hopes that practices and patients in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties can embrace the program and experience the same lifestyle/wellness change he had.

Joe has been in medical sales and management for over 6 years and brings passion and customer service focus to the outside sales team. He has worked with numerous medical products in his years and helped grow those products nationally to hundreds of practices. Joe previously helped start a medical sales business and later, after a huge success took over the company which focused on pain management and durable medical equipment. In his free time, Joe loves to play golf and when he can take weekend trips with his wife Ruby as they love food and travel.