Michael Wolfe, CRO

Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe is the Chief Revenue Officer responsible for connecting revenue-related functions on the consumer goods of L-Nutra, (ProLon, Fast Bar). From marketing, sales, customer success, pricing, and revenue operations, Mr. Wolfe focuses on the data-driven growth, alignment, and future of L-Nutra consumer goods. Before being CRO, Mr. Wolfe worked alongside L-Nutra starting in 2018 as an online brand awareness strategist. A longevity-driven biohacker, Mr. Wolfe's passion for health and well-being carries his desire to make L-Nutra a household name.

Prior to L-Nutra, Mr. Wolfe owned a performance-driven digital marketing agency whose business met at the crossroads of digital media, creativity, and commerce. Mr. Wolfe's focus on data-driven accelerated growth drove results for many partner businesses nationwide. A personal passion for the health and wellness industry, Mr. Wolfe has worked with many outstanding companies, including A4M, Medterra, Sunwarrior, Folium Biosciences, Life Extension, Peptide Sciences, and The UPS Store.

Mr. Wolfe is a seasoned entrepreneur and digital leader that brings strong roots and structure for business in the ever-changing digital realm. Mr. Wolfe is passionate about transparency and building successful teams and finds immense gratitude in making a difference in the development of people and seeing their visions come to life. Partnering with L-Nutra gives Mr. Wolfe the most excellent satisfaction in being able to touch and improve lives worldwide through better health and nutrition.