VP Product Development

Fabrizio Schirano, MA

Mr. Schirano holds a post-graduate Master’s in Marketing Communication and in International Cultural Management, awarded respectively by the Instituto Superiore di Comunicazione in Milan, and by a joint program of the University Of Genoa with the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Mr. Schirano graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pisa, Modern Literature and Visual Communications Media, class of 2001.

Prior to joining L- Nutra, he was actively involved in the international promotion of the Italian Life Science industry, with a focus on biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. During his time at the Italian Trade Commission in Los Angeles (Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Consulate), he covered the position of Marketing Promotion Officer. In this position, Mr. Schirano specialized in addressing issues and strategies related to the internationalization process of foreign small and medium business enterprises interested in entering the US market. He developed strong contacts both in the US and in Italy, with leading academic institutions, research centers and technology parks, industry associations (member of BIO – the Biotechnology Industry Association), the Federal regulatory agencies, State Economic Development Agencies, local government representatives, and executives in the biotech and nanotech industries.

Prior to working in the US, Mr. Schirano was a fundraiser for CESVI (Italy), an international cooperation and development organization. As the person responsible for cause related marketing, he co-designed and carried out campaigns to raise funds through high profile and award winning (European Social Award) corporate sponsorships (i.e. Vodafone, Kraft, Microsoft, and Sanofi Pharmaceuticals). In 2003, as CESVI’s Chief Project Coordinator and Field Officer, he managed a budget of over $1 million U.S. to implement the rehabilitation of key hospitals and schools in Southern Iraq.