Michael Thomsen

Michael Thomsen, MSc, ND

Michael has a long-held passion for both business and health. Originally from Denmark, he initially trained as a naturopath in Australia and has a Master of Science in Integrative Medicine.

Michael has extensive industry experience as a past technical manager of leading herbal medicine companies in Australia. Prior to joining L-Nutra, Michael was the Medical Director at Global Natural Medicine compiling a database of herb, nutrient, and drug interactions. Michael was technical Director at HerbResearch, a phytomedicine research company, and Director of Eusano Healthcare, distributor of infra-red and hyperthermia medical devices. Michael also worked in clinical practice for many years, specializing in the area of integrative oncology.   

Michael is the author of the popular Phytotherapy Desk Reference, now in its fifth edition. The reference has sold over 16,000 copies worldwide and in high demand from practitioners and students alike. Michael is also a published researcher in the field of natural medicine and has worked as a consultant in both Australia and internationally including a period with the WHO.   

On the rare occasions that spare time eventuates, he enjoys playing tennis, photography and walking the family’s border-collie.